"The significant thing about the app, 
is the comfort that you experience knowing someone you care about 
is safely making progress towards their destination. 

Use the Full Version FREE for a full 10 trips.  If you agree it makes you and your loved ones safer, keep the full version for $2.99 (forever) or use the free version.  Please don't text and drive





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Create Trip

Create Trip is the main functional home of the I'm Coming Application! Create Trip is where users enter Destination, Recipient(s) of the trip ETA notifications, messaging, and the intervals in hours and minutes the notifications will be sent to recipients. 

Favorite Trips™ 

The "Favorite Trips" Feature, is the most powerful feature within the I'm Coming app.   With a single click of the blue "start" icon, a Favorite Trip is launched.  A Favorite Trip saves an entire trip including destination, recipient(s), message(s), interval, and settings such as Auto-Rotate, and Almost There functions.  Power Users will find this feature the most useful place to save frequently made trips to home, work, school, and their most traveled destinations.  


The I'm Coming App is stocked with Three Default Messages for everyone to use!

  • "Looking forward to seeing you"
  • "I'm on my way, should be there soon"
  • "I'm Close"

Custom Messages

Full Version users can Create Custom Messages! Custom Messages allow the user to have a range of customization. Make your Message more clear and Descriptive.  When you create a custom message you'll see brackets and the term ETA within the brackets.  Keep the brackets and ETA intact [ETA] and create your message before or after the brackets    message here and/or [ETA] message here.  Once you click start the [ETA] will be filled with your ETA and how many minutes are left in your trip.  


Category Messages

Full Version users have access to Category Messages. Category Messages are designed to allow users organize their Custom Messages! Users can Create these Categories for specific events like Business Meetings or Birthdays. Users can also create Categories to organize between their Normal and Wacky Messages.


Auto-Rotate Messages

The "Rotate My Messages" Feature allows Users to send a variety of Messages to their Recipients! When the User has their Default list of Messages of the Create Trip screen, enabling Rotate My Messages will start a loop for that Trip and every notification will be different based on the chosen messages.


Almost There

The "Almost There" Feature, when enabled, activates when there are only a few minutes left in the Users Trip, sending the recipient a new Notification saying that the User is Almost There! The Almost There increments are 5 Minutes, and 2 Minutes left in the Trip.


The I'm Coming allows users to Set Time Intervals for when their selected Messages will send to the users selected recipients. The App comes with Three Default Intervals.

  • 10 Minutes
  • 20 Minutes
  • 30 Minutes

Custom Intervals

All Users can Create Custom Intervals up to 3 Hours and as often as every minute! Full Version Users can Create Custom Intervals up to 10 Hours for long trips!!  

Track Trip

For every Created Trip, there is a Tracker. Track Trip allows the recipients of a current Trip to get real time updates on the Users Estimated Time of Arrival! Users can Track multiple Trips at once. iOS Requires both Users to have the App and Only sends Push Notifications. Android can send to Users without the App and can send SMS Messages!


Purchase Message Paks

Full Version users will have access to purchase Message Paks for .99.  We've created Message Paks that include 25 creative messages our editors thought would be cool, appropriate, and sometimes clever for users.  For example, in the Message Pak "Relationship Pak A" there's a message that says "What a day. Will collapse on you at [ETA]".  You can access the Message Paks in the My Message panel - it's a blue button on the bottom right.  You can see all the messages within each Message pak before you buy.  It's only 99 cents for all 25.  In the future we'll have Celebrity Message Paks, 25 messages created by people you've probably heard of.

The Safe Driving App!

Notify Your ETA Updates Hands-Free



It's free! Choose your version and Download Our Mobile App today

( version 1.15 available now)

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